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ALS Hero: Steve Brown

by | Feb 17, 2020

Steve Brown has always been the life of the party. After being diagnosed with ALS, he has only grown to be more of an upbeat person. During our fifth annual Shoot Out ALS Sporting Clay Shoot, we’ll be honoring Steve Brown as our ALS Hero.

To Steve, the number 24 signifies many things in his life. He spent 24 years serving our country, and just 24 days after retiring from the Navy he was diagnosed with ALS – on July 24th. Despite his diagnosis, Steve has chosen to look at the positives and live his life to the fullest.

Since moving to Houston in December of 2018 from Eunice, LA to be closer to family, he got involved with the ALS Association of Texas. Steve attends the clinic at Houston Methodist with Dr. Appel. Steve mentions, “it’s a great outlet as far as meeting other people with the disease, and it is great to get different perspectives from others in my same situation.”

His advice for others with ALS is to try to be positive whenever you can be. He says, “the more positive you are the better everyone else is around you.”

Steve has an amazing community of support. Between family, friends and the ALS Association of Texas, there is always someone that he can lean on. “Paulette with the ALS Association of Texas is awesome. She is always available. My wife and I went to the Astros game with the ALS Association of Texas and it was my first ever MLB game.”

One of his neighbors, who just happens to be from his hometown of Eunice, has become his “handy-man”. Whenever he needs anything, he feels confident in his circle of support.

This spring, Steve and his wife, Princess, are going on their second cruise since he was diagnosed. He’s not letting ALS slow him down. Steve’s hope for the future is for more people to know what ALS is and to help find a cure. “Hopefully more people continue to hear about ALS, what it is, and can put more money into ALS research – and one day there will be a cure.”

Support Texans living with ALS by joining us at the 5th Annual Shoot Out ALS in Houston on March 23rd as we honor Steve. This event will be rescheduled.

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