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Art & ALS: Alexis’ Story

by | Jun 6, 2015

Alexis Crow was diagnosed with ALS on her 20th birthday.

Two years later, it would be easy for Alexis to let ALS define her. The disease’s symptoms have forced changes in much of her day-to-day life, while her bright green wheelchair announces her physical limits to everyone she meets.

However, Alexis has chosen not to let ALS consume her life. She has ALS; ALS does not have her.

Alexis: A Young Artist with ALS from ALS Association of Texas on Vimeo.

Alexis shares this truth on her blog, a little smile. She started the blog after her diagnosis to document her life, raise awareness about ALS, and inspire people. Besides being a creative outlet, a little smile is a place where she can show gratitude to others and share her positive outlook on life.

It also allows her to showcase her skills as an artist. Alexis has been interested in art since the fifth grade. When ALS symptoms made it no longer possible for her to draw on paper, she switched mediums and started creating digital art on a computer. Though her style has changed due to the disease, she has still been able to create beautiful art pieces to share with the world.

Alexis’ main message is that, although ALS may have taken away some of her physical abilities, she is still 100 percent there. She is just as intelligent, creative, charismatic, funny, loving, and strong as she’s always been. And she’s still smiling.

Want to help Alexis and other Texans like her who are battling ALS? Donate today to support the ALS Association of Texas. Your donation will help us provide needed equipment and support groups for Texans with ALS, as well as funding research that could one day find a cure. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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