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Remembering Bubba Moore: Houston Clay Shoot Hero

by | Feb 21, 2023

Leonard “Bubba” Moore had a thirst for excellence that drove him forward for his whole life. He served in the US Navy, volunteered for community events, and enjoyed life to the fullest. He was married to Kathy Moore for 53 years and had 3 wonderful children and 3 lovely grandchildren. Bubba and his wife enjoyed vacations tubing on the river in New Braunfels, camping at state parks, and even drove to Disney World in Orlando together. One day, Bubba was diagnosed with ALS, and the Moore’s lives were turned upside down.

Bubba was extremely active and healthy, so when he started experiencing some issues walking, he decided to visit a doctor.

“Prior to ALS, my husband was in perfect health. He went to the gym 6 days a week. We went to the foot doctor and had a special shoe made for drop foot. The doctors here had no clue what was wrong; they wanted him to have a surgery on his neck that would cure the problem. We went to Methodist Hospital in Houston for a second opinion, and after 6 months of intensive tests, he was diagnosed by 6 doctors who all agreed that he had ALS. It was the worst day of my life,” said Kathy.

An ALS diagnosis is often devastating, so the staff at Methodist Hospital told the Moores to connect with the ALS Association, and organization that could help them navigate the difficulties of an ALS diagnosis.

“The staff at Methodist Hospital told us that there was this ALS group that met for support once a month, and that was the beginning of our ALS journey.”

Kathy is thankful for the connections that she and Bubba met through the support groups.

“We met so many beautiful people, and we all shared the same common heartache: ALS! We could discuss our problems, talk, cry, and just get all of our feelings off of our chest.”




Kathy and Bubba also utilized the Durable Medical Equipment program to borrow different equipment that Bubba needed along his ALS journey. They attended parties at the ALS Association and found joy and support in the ALS community.

Kathy became Bubba’s primary caregiver, a role she knew would be difficult.

“Being a caregiver for someone with ALS is truly hard and time consuming! You are not free anymore, and as the disease progresses, the work becomes more intense! They cannot talk, so you are their voice and all of their communication. This tears the heart out of you seeing your loved one suffer like this.”

Throughout the journey, Kathy found support from her family, church, and medical staff who all helped her along the way. She got to know the doctors and staff who saw Bubba at clinics and became friends with them. Though ALS is a devastating disease, Kathy’s support communities helped her smile and laugh.

Bubba passed away after living with ALS for 9 years. Throughout his journey, he still made time for the things he loved, like watching the Astros and Texans play. 

He always aimed to make the best of what life gave him and even said “I might have ALS, but ALS doesn’t have me!” Bubba radiated positivity throughout his difficult journey and is loved and missed by his family every day.

Kathy believes that with the support of the ALS community, a cure can be found to end this terrible disease.

“By standing together and supporting each other, we can be make a stand and be heard! This disease must be known to everyone. They should know how it devastates family, friends, and the ALS patient themselves! With support and money, a cure can be found!”

You can support those affected by ALS, like Bubba and Kathy, by attending the 2023 Shoot Out ALS Sporting Clay Shoot. Tickets are available now!

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