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In Honoring One of Their Own, Buffalo Wild Wings Hopes to Help Many

by | Oct 4, 2016

Sha Groves lost her husband Greg to ALS in 2014, but continues to be involved with ALS Texas to help those currently battling this disease. Read her story about their journey with ALS and how Buffalo Wild Wings stepped in to help. 

Robert Gregory Groves, better known as “Greg,” was a lovely man. From our first introduction, he seemed very quiet. He loved to observe and was quite the jokester. He started his career at Buffalo Wild Wings in November 2005 as an Assistant General Manager in Rosenberg, Texas. He worked his way up to General Manager and then was eventually promoted to Regional Manager. The company was under huge growth at the time, and he knew he had found his home. He was responsible for opening up several locations in Houston and the surrounding area.

When Greg was 35 years old, he developed extreme fatigue and a dropped right foot. I didn’t think anything of it – I just thought he had a new cool walk. He went for several doctors’ appointments, and after a third and final opinion, he was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. We had one son at the time and one on the way. It was devastating to all of us.

I will never forget what he said to me once the doctors said there was nothing we could do. I looked in those big, beautiful browns and said “Now what?” He said, “Let’s go get something to eat.” He never once said it sucked or was unfair. He was so grateful that it was annoying. But he taught us all to look on the bright side and trust the plan.

Buffalo Wild Wings stepped in to help our family in 2013. The general managers and staff in Houston wanted to do something for us. They started with fundraisers at the restaurants that benefited our family, and later, when Greg passed, they began sponsoring the Walk to Defeat ALS in Houston. Now, anytime anyone visits a Houston-area Buffalo Wild Wings and shows the flyer below, 10 percent of their bill goes to the ALS Association in Greg’s honor. We are very grateful.

The partnership between Buffalo Wild Wings and the ALS Association means the world to me. My children were ages 6 and 18 months when Greg passed. They are now 9 and 4. We cannot pass a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant or hear a commercial without thinking of Greg. It’s wonderful. I am so grateful that others benefit from the funds the Association raises.

It is important to me to stay involved with the ALS Association because I want to relay all of the tips and tricks we learned to families facing this disease now. This journey is all about perspective. We all need a little help.

Thank you,

Sha Lilly Groves

Present the flyer below at any of the 19 Buffalo Wild Wings participating locations in the Houston area, and 10 percent of your bill will be donated back to ALS Texas in Greg’s honor.


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