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Closer to a Cure: Researchers Open Enrollment for Tofersen Phase 3 Clinical Trial

by | May 17, 2019

Our “closer to a cure” segment will highlight research news and important milestones made by researchers as they work towards finding a cure for ALS.

Exciting news! Neuroscience collective Biogen has initiated a phase 3 clinical trial to evaluate Tofersen (previously called BIIB067), a type of antisense drug meant to target superoxide dismutase (SOD1), for the potential treatment of ALS. 

It’s approximated that two percent of people living with ALS have a mutation in the SOD1 gene- the second most common cause of genetic ALS. An SOD1 mutation leads to abnormal protein, which is likely toxic to cells and could lead to the death of motor neurons- the cells that die in ALS. Tofersen has been designed to reduce levels of SOD1 protein in people with ALS caused by an SOD1 gene mutation.

The trial is currently enrolling with 60 spots available for people with SOD1 ALS.

Interested in enrolling and helping researchers test the safety and efficacy of Tofersen? The ALS Association has worked with Biogen to create a FAQ surrounding the trial. The FAQ covers how to enroll, where to get more information, study design and endpoints, expanded access, and more. See the FAQ here.

For more information about the clinical trial and its currently enrolling locations, visit:

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