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ALS robs a person of the ability to walk, speak, move, and breathe on their own. Durable medical equipment gives Texans with ALS pieces of their life back that ALS stole, but not all families have easy access to the equipment they need. The Equipment Loan Program allows Texans with ALS have access to life-saving equipment at NO COST. These services are not possible without your support.

Double Your Impact

Thanks to your generous support, we’ve unlocked a $10,000 matching gift from community partner, RQS!

Want to Donate by Check?

Make your check out to ALS Association of Texas, put ‘Equipment Loan Program’ in the Memo and mail it to:

ALS Association of Texas
14555 Dallas Parkway, Suite 100-219
Dallas, Texas 75254

Please do not mail cash.

Your Donation Makes a Difference

Alleviate Financial Burdens

ALS Texas loaned $1.6M worth of equipment to Texans with ALS in 2021. Together, we can provide even more in 2022!

Ensure Caregiver Safety

Access to medical equipment allows caregivers to safely and independently move their loved one from one room to another.

Keep Texans with ALS in Motion

Durable medical equipment keeps Texans with ALS in motion, giving them their freedom, their voice, and their quality of life back.