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Embrace the Equipment: Mike & Mary Busch’s Story

by | May 6, 2021

As ALS progresses, it robs you of the ability to eat, speak, move, and breathe on your own. One of the most important resources provided by the ALS Association of Texas is our Equipment Loan Program. Access to no-cost equipment loans, give Texans with ALS their much-needed freedom and mobility back. For ALS families like Mike and Mary Busch, this program is life changing.

“We’ve been great beneficiaries of the loan closet, and unfortunately though they had challenges during COVID in terms of delivery they made arrangements to have things direct shipped.” Mike shared. His family has utilized equipment like ramps for the house, a special shower chair, and Hoyer lifts. “They’ve come incredibly handy.”

For Texans with ALS, durable medical equipment not only allows them to maintain their independence but also allows their caregivers to better care for them. “I couldn’t do it alone if I didn’t have that Hoyer,” Mary shared, noting how they use the lift at least four times a day. “It’s a shame when you see people never getting out of bed because they don’t have the equipment. It lets you get up and feel like a normal human.”

Mike’s core strength has diminished as his ASL progresses, making it difficult to sit in a traditional chair. “One of the biggest lifesavers in addition to the Hoyer was a special chair that makes showering easier.” Equipment like Hoyer lifts, ramps, and shower chairs, bring Mike a sense of normalcy during an otherwise difficult ALS journey.

“Anticipating things coming down the line and getting the equipment before you need it is important,” Mike shared. Through ALS Texas and our community partners, we help Texans with ALS stay one step ahead of the disease.

One of Mike and Mary’s other big pieces of advice for ALS families: “Embrace the equipment,” even when it is overwhelming. “I can’t say enough good things about ALS Texas and how they’ve supported us. Just in bringing the community together and the equipment closet…I hope everyone would grab every opportunity they have to grab all the resources available,” Mary shared.

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