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Embracing Technology and the New Normal

by | Mar 25, 2020

A big part of what we do at the ALS Association of Texas is connecting with people with ALS and their caregivers through in-person meetings, support groups, and workshops. Over the past few weeks, the world has quickly transitioned into a new normal of using virtual outlets to stay in contact with one another. This has been especially important when it comes to staying in touch with our ALS community.

Our team has been working hard to find new ways to virtually connect with our ALS community during this time to stay in touch while keeping our community safe. Our Care Services team is conducting video calls instead of in-person visits, enabling us to stay connected and continue to help people with ALS navigate the disease. We are starting virtual Connection and Caregiver Groups across the state, providing a much-needed opportunity for people with ALS and their loved ones to get the community support they need. And we’re also implementing educational workshops and presentations for people with ALS, caregivers, and children.

Our number one goal is to ensure that Texans with ALS and their caregivers are getting everything they need to succeed in everyday life – especially in the midst of the unknown. ALS is an isolating disease, and people with ALS are used to “social distancing” – just not to this extent. That’s why it is so crucial that we keep our ALS community connected during this time, even if we can’t connect in-person.

Please join us for the following virtual statewide workshops and presentations!

Stress Less on Purpose Workshop
March 26th – 10:00 to 11:00am
For all caregivers of a person with ALS.

ALS Association of Texas wants to stay connected – no matter what! Join us in our virtual CARING FOR LOVED ONES workshop, Stress-Less on Purpose, a workshop for caregivers about self-care and direction in the midst of ALL of life’s curveballs. You will receive an easy and effective first aid kit of exercises for easing your body’s reaction to stress, gain a renewed or clarified understanding of your personal “why”, and how trauma can help guide your purpose.
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ALS Texas Brewed Awakenings Women Caregivers Virtual Coffee
March 27th – 7:30 to 8:30am
For women caregivers of a person with ALS.

Start your Friday morning off with ALS Association of Texas and a fresh cup of coffee (or tea). Women caregivers juggle A LOT in addition to providing care for a loved one – careers, family, exhaustion, guilt… and so much more. Let’s carve out some time for self-care, to connect with and support each other, and to bring beauty inside and out.
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Family Talks Series
March 28th – 11:00 to 12:00pm
For parents and children who love a person with ALS. Parents, please accompany your children under the age of 13 during this workshop.

Youth and children who love a person with ALS (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and more) desire to be heard and told the truth. They often understand much more than we give them credit for, and starting from a point of openness and honesty is crucial. Children and parents will leave with an activity handbook to help serve as a companion in starting and continuing these open FAmiLy TalkS.
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Elective Tracheostomy: The Decision Making Process for ALS Patients
March 31st – 12:30 to 1:30pm
For people with ALS and their caregivers.

Join Dr. Gregory Holt, PhD, RRT, and Director of Operations at Respiratory Quality Services and a Diplomate at the American Board of Sleep Medicine.  Dr. Holt will walk you through the process of elective tracheostomy, the pros and cons of the procedure, and answer your questions to enable you and your caregiver to make an informed decision for the future.  RQS provides in-home respiratory management for the ALS community and is a statewide sponsor of the ALS Association Texas Chapter.

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We are so thankful to have the opportunity to connect virtually with our caregivers, people with ALS and our internal ALS Texas team! Please join over the next couple of weeks for our scheduled workshops, connection groups, and more!

For more information on what we are doing to serve people with ALS and their families while preventing the spread of coronavirus, visit

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