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“I have ALS, but it doesn’t have me.” – Collin’s Story

by | Dec 18, 2018

After being diagnosed with ALS in October of 2014, Collin Hadley gave himself one day to be frustrated, only one, before declaring “I have ALS, but it doesn’t have me.” 

Since that day Collin and his family have set out to make as many memories as possible, including 25 family trips, fundraising for ALS, finishing the Cowtown half marathon (in a neon pink stroller), and more. Although Collin strives to be positive he recognizes that not every day is easy. He says, “Though not visible on a daily basis, every month for the rest of your life is a little more difficult than the one before.”

Even in the face of ALS, Collin has continued to grab life by the horns with the help of the ALS Association of Texas. “When I had my first falls with this disease, they got a hoyer lift in my home immediately.  When it was no longer safe for me to stand up in the shower, they had a shower chair sent to me that day. When I could no longer get in the swimming pool with my kids, they found me a pool lift.” He went on to describe how an ALS Association representative made a 4.5 hour drive to deliver a power wheelchair to his hotel room when he was on vacation. “The ALS Association staff and volunteers have dedicated their lives to ensure that those living with ALS today can continue to live life and make memories”.

Collin stresses the importance of having a community of heroes to help people with ALS navigate through life- “This terrible disease takes a village, and thankfully the one many of you have built for me and my family is rock solid.”

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