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Navigating ALS

Use the resources in this section to find the information you need, and stay one step ahead of ALS.

Life After an ALS Diagnosis

Life changes after an ALS diagnosis. There are decisions to make, symptoms to manage, treatment options to evaluate, and adjustments to almost every detail of your daily routine. It’s a lot to take in.

We’re here to help you navigate those changes. From initial diagnosis to end-of-life plans, we have information and resources to guide you through every aspect of your ALS journey.

ALS Basics

Understanding ALS

Learn the basics of ALS and who is at risk of developing the disease.

What are ALS Symptoms?

Learn the early signs and symptoms that indicate someone could have ALS.

Discover the Stages of ALS

Review how the ALS progresses, from the initial to final stages.

ALS Causes

Discover what we know so far about the causes of ALS.

Lou Gehrig

Learn why ALS is commonly called “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

ALS Diagnosis

Newly Diagnosed

What to do if you’ve recently been diagnosed with ALS.

Second Opinions

Should you get a second opinion? If so, how do you go about getting one?

How to Share Your Diagnosis

Tips on when you should tell people, what you should tell them, and how to share the news with your children or parents.

What Do I Do Now?

The next steps regarding insurance, employment, finances, and legal documents.

Living With ALS

Therapies & Care

A look at the different types of therapy services and medications that can be helpful in managing ALS symptoms and improving your quality of life.


How to maintain proper nutrition as eating and swallowing become more difficult.

Breathing Issues

Techniques and equipment to help you get the air you need as ALS weakens the muscles that control breathing.

Speech & Swallowing

A variety of tips for clearer speaking, better listening, and easier swallowing.

Improving Mobility

Therapies, exercise, equipment, and home improvements to help ALS patients get around more easily.

Anxiety & Depression

The signs and symptoms of depression, and how you can get the help you need.

Changes in Thinking & Emotional Lability

How ALS can change your thinking, behavior, and emotional patterns.

Assistive Equipment & Technology

A variety of technologies and devices can help ALS patients manage their symptoms and maintain a better quality of life.

Living Setting

Home care, assisted living, nursing homes, adult foster care, and other options for different living settings.

Daily Living Activities

ALS symptoms usually necessitate changes to your everyday activities. Learn how you can adjust your daily living activities and create a new normal.

Leisure Activities

How to enjoy your favorite leisure activities despite the challenges of ALS.

Caring for Someone With ALS


Help for those who tend to the needs of a loved one with ALS.

Resources for Caregivers

Where caregivers can find support, information, and assistance.

Practicing Self-Care

How to care for yourself as you care for someone else.

From One Caregiver to Another

An ALS caregiver shares her story.



How to navigate the Medicare system.


How to manage your tax obligations and minimize your financial burden.

ALS Association Services & Publications

A list of available services provided by the ALS Association, as well as free in-depth publications and periodicals that provide detailed information about the disease.

Clinics & Centers

A list of ALS Association Certified Treatment Centers and ALS clinics in Texas.

Support Groups

A list of local support groups for ALS patients, caregivers, and loved ones.

Register With ALS Texas

Connect with us so we can connect you with the local resources and services you need.

ALS Glossary

A list of all the vocabulary terms and definitions you need to understand the world of ALS.

End of Life Plans

Advance Directives

Learn what advance directives are and why you might consider creating one.

Hospice Care

Information on hospice care options.

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