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No Action Is Too Small: Stephen Tyree Joins Houston Marathon to Raise Awareness to ALS

by | Jan 3, 2023

For Stephen Tyree, participating in the Houston Marathon in 2023 is more important than ever. His desire to participate was sparked after hearing that Patrick Behan, his roommate from Bucknell University, is living with ALS. Stephen and Patrick lived together during their college years at Bucknell, they played basketball together, lived in the same room together, and ate meals together.  

After graduation, their lives took different paths as Stephen moved to Houston. During their time apart, Patrick’s father passed away from ALS and a few years later Patrick was diagnosed himself. Since his diagnosis, Patrick and his family has created a foundation dedicated to supporting those and finding a cure for ALS called Behan Strong.  

Stephen heard that Patrick was living with ALS through social media and upon hearing the news he knew that there must be something that he could do to help. That is when he heard about the Houston Marathon Run for a Reason. Stephen knew that Patrick was more than worth showing support for, even if they are miles apart. 

Stephen encourages everyone to “just get out there, try and do what you can and try and contribute however you can.”  

He anticipates participating in the Houston Marathon with members of his family, friends and coworkers from Philips66 in the upcoming marathon. Beyond the marathon, Stephen shares that everyone should support in any way that they can, no action is too small. 

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