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Past Virtual Event Recordings

Watch recordings of past virtual events on-demand! Looking for upcoming virtual events? You can view a full calendar of events here.

Navigating ALS

Navigating ALS is a special, four-part series designed for newly diagnosed families or those that are curious about the basics of the ALS journey.

Session 1: What Is ALS?

Review the basics of ALS, what we do at ALS Texas, and available resources.

Session 2: ALS Research

Learn the basics of ALS research and how to get involved with clinical trials.

Session 3: Employment &Insurance

How to navigate employment and insurance after diagnosis.

Session 4: ALS Clinics

Discover the benefits of ALS multidisciplinary clinics and tips for your visits.

Caregivers Workshops

Young Caregivers Panel

Join ALS Texas as we visit with some of our young caregivers throughout the state, in an open and honest discussion that all families will want to hear. We also encourage you to bring your family’s questions for the panel. We are all better and stronger together!

While Tyler Wood may not like being in the spotlight and does not consider himself a leader, the way that he cares for his family and for others (and even for himself), shines a much different light.

Let’s Talk! with Diana Root: Candid Conversations about Being Both a Wife and Caregiver

Diana Root shares her perspective on being a caregiver and wife, and other caregivers discuss how the ALS journey has impacted their families.

Young Adult, Youth, and Children Workshops

ALS & Legacy

Gabriel Poveda discusses the legacy left behind by his late father and their family’s ALS journey.

Family Talks Special Edition: The Gupta Family

Hear from seventeen-year-old Jothi Gupta, and meet her family including her Dad, Raghav, who is living with ALS today. ALS changed their lives, and they are owning it.

Family Talks: Essential Conversations

Children and parents will leave with an activity handbook to help serve as a companion in starting and continuing these open FAmiLy TalkS.

Young Caregiver Interview with Sarah Trott

You may know Sarah Trott as a contestant on the Bachelor, but she’s also deeply connected to ALS. Her father recently passed from the disease, and she now works with ALS organizations to advocate for research and caregiver support. Watch this candid interview where Sarah shares her experience and resources available for young caregivers.

Young Caregiver Panel

Several young caregivers in middle and high school join us to chat about their family’s ALS experience and what their hope for the future is.

Young Caregivers Aren’t Alone — with Gabriel Poveda: The Journey of a Young Caregiver

Young Care Givers Aren’t Alone – with Gabriel Poveda dives into the often-overlooked perspective of being a young caregiver of someone with ALS.

Mental Health & Wellness

Stress Less On Purpose

A workshop for anyone affected by ALS interested in being intentional about managing stress.

Participants will receive an easy and effective first aid kit of exercises for easing your body’s reaction to stress, gain a renewed or clarified understanding of your gifts and personal “why”, and how trauma can help guide you in living life more PurposeFULLy.

Running on Empty

A workshop on caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue.

For Caregivers of a person with ALS, taking time for self-care is more easily said than done. Do you have days or even weeks where you feel you are simply “Running on Empty”? Watch this presentation for a pitstop to refuel your tank!

Trauma-Informed Yoga for Caregivers

Watch this calming, trauma-informed yoga session with Ebony Smith at Yoga N Da Hood. This beginner session is easy for anyone of any skill level to enjoy. You can even go through the routine sitting in a chair.

Trauma-Informed Yoga for Kids

Youth face so much trauma, especially those connected with the ALS experience. Through the practice of Trauma-Informed Yoga, youth can develop stress and trauma management, self-esteem, enhanced strength and flexibility. Watch this guided session from Ebony Smith at Yoga N Da Hood.

Meal Prep Demos

Cinco de Mayo Meal Prep Demo

Learn basic culinary skills and meal prep ideas to help make preparing meals easier!

To Taste Cooking Demo

Learn the basics of nutrition, plus three easy-to-prepare and freezer-friendly recipes.

New Year’s Meal Prep Demo

The chefs at To Taste share new recipes to prepare for the new year.

Clinical Series

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Optimizing Nutrition in ALS


Augmentative and Alternative Communication

RQS Trilogy Workshop

Cough Assistance and Suction Workshop

Managing ALS in the Multidisciplinary Clinic

Moving Forward in a Time of Change: COVID-19 – Understanding How a Crisis Affects the Way I Feel

Educational Workshops



A presentation for caregivers dealing with issues related to ALS and frontotemporal dementia.

Respiratory Issues in ALS: Presented by RQS


A workshop that reviews the common respiratory issues in ALS

Maintaining Independence at Home


Antoinette Verdone with ImproveAbility presents ideas on how you can maintain your independence at home, including options for accessibility.

Hospice & Palliative Care


Rebecca Axline, LCSW-S, CSM, APHSW-C​ Senior Medical Science Liaison will discuss what hospice and palliative care really is, and how to choose the best option for you.

Control Bionics Speech Generating Device with Maddie Reinlein


The NN Trilogy is a speech-generating device that combines the power of eye control with NeuroNode technology.

Exploring Assistive Technology Options


This presentation discusses different methods for communication, including low-tech communication boards and high-tech eye gaze devices.

Elective Tracheostomy: The Decision Making Process for ALS Patients


Dr. Gregory Holt, PhD, RRT, and Director of Operations at Respiratory Quality Services and a Diplomate at the American Board of Sleep Medicine walks through the process of elective tracheostomy and the pros and cons of the procedure.

Texas Chapter Events

2021 Walk to Defeat ALS Virtual Kick-Off


Watch this exciting presentation to learn why the Walk is important to Texans with ALS and how to start your own Walk team. PLUS meet your local Walk coordinators!

Under Ballou Skies Party with a Purpose


Watch the virtual Party with a Purpose program hosted by CBS Austin Sports Director and ALS Texas Board Member, Bob Ballou. Together, we can create a world without ALS!

ALS Texas Town Hall


See updates related to our local care programs, advocacy, and research, plus learn how our crucial Equipment Loan Program impacts Texans with ALS!

Walk to Defeat ALS Opening Ceremony


Watch the virtual opening ceremony from the 2020 Walk to Defeat ALS.

Cowtown Affair Live Stream


Watch the virtual cowboy chic event showcasing Cowtown’s commitment to creating a world without ALS.

Under Ballou Skies Live Stream


Watch the virtual 2020 Under Ballou Skies Party Hosted by CBS Austin Sports Director and ALS Texas Board Member Bob Ballou.

Virtual Town Hall

Join us for a Virtual Town Hall to how we are continuing to support Texans with ALS and making advances in research during COVID-19. Read a message from our Executive Director, Tanner Hockensmith, here.