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RQS Partners with ALS Texas to Provide Top Quality Respiratory Care to Patients

by | Aug 10, 2016

Keith bust smilingRespiratory Quality Services is a respiratory company focused on providing top quality services for all Respiratory Medical Home Equipment. RQS specializes in ventilation and secretion clearance of the neuromuscular patient population. RQS maintains a Gold Partner status of the ALS Association of Texas. Read more about how Keith Sanborn, President and Owner, got involved with ALS Texas and how it benefits his company’s work.  

I had my first interaction with people suffering from ALS when I worked for Methodist Hospital in Houston. I worked with a pulmonologist who was treating numerous ALS patients. During my time there, I saw the increasing need for a respiratory durable medical equipment company outside of the clinic environment. Thus, RQS was born in October 2008.

For the next three years, I really worked with dedication and perseverance to develop a reputation for outstanding customer service and patient care. I knew firsthand what ALS patients and their loved ones go through and strongly believed that they shouldn’t have to worry about their respiratory care and how they were going to get the medical equipment they need. The success of RQS is not a big business secret, it’s actually pretty simple: put the patient first, and everything else will follow.

We work with pulmonologists, neurologists and other members of the treatment team across Texas to figure out the best way to treat ALS patients. What we’ve found is that this equipment is uniquely specialized for this patient population. In most outlying areas, companies lack the experience and do not focus on the ALS population.  So we travel all over the place – from Midland to the Valley, even to Louisiana – because we feel like if we don’t, patients won’t receive proper care. Our radius of care is constantly expanding because we need to do just that to care for each and every ALS patient.

We at RQS have worked with the ALS Association for the past several years with patient care to gather advice on all aspects of ALS we haven’t experienced and to work toward the best possible outcome for the patient while assisting the caretaker in the process. We have found that there is a continuum of care that exists beyond the home of the ALS patient. When our patients are experiencing a health crisis, we follow the patients whether they are placed in LTAC, nursing homes or admitted into the hospitals. By our sustained partnership with the various treatment teams, the appropriate plan of care is developed. How does this happen? An excellent reputation for quality care along with our staff who have strong clinical and critical thinking skills.

RQS staff are becoming experts in the field of neuromuscular disease treatment. We are invited to present at various seminars. We have worked alongside hospital staff and also trained them on the devices I made reference to earlier. Much of our local patient success includes the ongoing support and guidance of our local ALS Pulmonologist, Dr. Venessa Holland. Her treatment regime with the specialized devices has vastly improved patient care.

In addition to working with the care services team at ALS Texas, we’ve sponsored various Walks to Defeat ALS and other events in Texas, so this year, we decided to partner at a larger capacity. The new partnership allows us to get more involved, not just on the patient care side, but more holistically through a statewide sponsorship.

I think it’s just a win-win situation because the insight the ALS Association has been able to give us has really been able to open doors for providing a higher quality of care. To have a partnership with an organization like the ALS Association and tap into their volume of resources which includes their points of view and their extensive experiences – if we can combine that with what we provide, we’re headed in the right direction. We are proud to be a contributing part of the ALS Team not only locally but nationwide with the ALS Association.

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