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“We Walk For A Cure” – Jackie’s Story

by | May 24, 2019

We know that participating in the Walk to Defeat ALS is no small feat and we’re in constant awe of how teams come together to help create a world without ALS. From walking to honor a loved one, to hope for a cure, each walker has their “why” that keeps them motivated and dedicated to the cause.

Loraine, Texas native Jackie Barry is a mother, grandmother, and wife. And in February of 2016, after struggling for months with a progressively worsening speech problem, Jackie also became a person diagnosed with ALS. “I have entirely lost my voice and my arms and legs are slowly getting weaker and I will eventually lose the use of them also.” she says. Although she notes that ALS is always fatal and currently has no cure she still has hope for a world without ALS.

When asked why she participates in the Walk to Defeat ALS Jackie says:

Research is underway and ongoing to find a cure, which is being supported and funded by the ALS Association.  The ice bucket challenge, together with the various Walks to Defeat ALS across the state have raised several million dollars toward research, development and aid to the victims of ALS and their families and care givers.

My family and friends have participated in the Austin Walk to Defeat ALS to help raise funds for research, patient care and the search for a cure for this dreadful disease.  It is a great chance to meet other victims of ALS, their family and friends and the 3 walks we have participated in have been on beautiful days in a lovely setting and a lot of fun for everyone.

Jackie also noted how the ALS Association of Texas has helped her in navigating through life with as a newly diagnosed person with ALS. “Less than a week after I was diagnosed Jennifer Beckett, Care Services Manager with the ALS Association, reached out to us to come and visit with us, look at our home and evaluate what we may have to do to modify it to be accessible for me as my condition progresses.” Along with Jennifer, she also sang the praises of Regional Development Manager Michelle Miller who she says “works tirelessly and enthusiastically to raise awareness of ALS and is instrumental in coordinating the various fundraisers each year, especially the Walks.”

I have never known a more dedicated, helpful, compassionate and hard working group than everyone associated with the ALS Association Texas Chapter.  I feel blessed to have met so many of them who are fighting endlessly to find a cure for this terrible, disabling and eventually fatal condition. Thank you for allowing me to speak out for myself and the numerous other people across the state who are suffering from ALS.  Come join us to help work towards a cure for ALS.

-Jackie Barry

What’s your why? What motivates you to keep walking? Email to share your story and inspire others, and register for your closest Walk today.

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